my blueberry nights

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Jeremy:If I throw this keys away, and those doors will be closed forever. that should not up to me to decide. Should it?

Just like the saying I declared behind, love is romance but not vulgar games we played. Physiological desire is far from affection. The right person finally would come over from another side of the lovely blue planet.

Jeremy:Well..form my observations, sometimes it's better of not knowing. And other times there's no reason to be found.

What a metaphor. Actually everyone is a blueberry pie, including you and me. Someone like, someone hate, someone used to like but suddenly changed and through you out. But you should always insist you are unique, amazing, and charming. It doesn't matter someone would like you even love you, you must love yourself, only that make sense.

Jeremy:Just like this pies and cakes.At the end of every night,Cheese cakes and the apple pies are always completely gone. The peach pies and chocolate Mousse cakes are nearly finished. But,there's always a whole blue berry pie left untouched.

Well, there's nothing wrong with blueberry. It's only the matter of choices. Unfortunately today nobody make choices on that. But pie is great. That is it.

Elizabeth:Everything has a reason.

Marriage could be happiness, however, seriously saying those would be few, most of them are disasters. That women, lived separately from her husband of decades. He loved her, was always crazy about her, but she found it's hard to breath. She lost the life of herself, and the freedom. Getting boring, she started to meet, to date, to sleep with other guys. He was so sad just like sky and clouds fell down, everything lost color. Becoming a drunk, alcohol hardly stopped his emotion. Finally after a disaster-like quarrelling for the last time, woman left him alone. He died of a car accident, violently crushed straightly with a tree. Woman hurt so bad. Always, we couldn't get all delighted things together, like the lucky person who had the precious chance to ask for God to make his idea come true in the fairy tale. But in the end, after he asked for several times, sometimes money, sometimes women, he is not happy at all from beginning to end. God even thought he was greedy.

Elizabeth:I guess I just looking for a reason.

So what's wrong with blueberry.

Elizabeth:So what's wrong with the blueberry pie?


Elizabeth:Why not?

No. I'm gonna change that. Someone need. Gimme a piece.

Elizabeth:I need someone to talk to. Do you think he will pick up the keys?

Every evening when the shop is closed, there is always a whole complete blueberry pie left.

Elizabeth:What about most of the times?

Sometimes we must keep our love and affection as a little garden inside the mind. If you roughly express that, if you are crazy about it without the rational world, you may probably miss, make the heart you own fall to pieces. There're so many differences between friendship and real affection. So, don't easily try to step across the invisible huge chasm.

Jeremy:No..No, I couldn't do that.

So, keep the fantasy, keep the imaginations in the little secret garden, and keep your mind on how to be a amazing, juicy and delicious blueberry pie.

Jeremy:It's nothing wrong with the blueberry pie. Just people make other choices, you can't blame the bluebreey pies. Just no one wants it.

There's only the strong rope you should grip is family. Parents, Grands, Kids, who on earth would love you more?

Jeremy:I don't know..I have customers leaving keys here for years. Sometimes they pick up in a few days, sometimes takes a few weeks.

Jeremy:Most of the time the keys stay in the jar.

Elizabeth:Why you keep them?You should just throw them out.

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